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我代表Aputure借此机会感谢AGORA DMT给我司-中国深圳市爱图仕 影像器材有限公司提供优质的服务。年复一年,您和您的团队使我们的品牌连续成功超过了我们的预期承诺。从2011年起,贵司已经成为我司产品进入捷克和斯洛伐克市场值得信赖的可靠的合作伙伴。对于为什么选择和贵司AGORA DMT合作,关键因素是贵司丰富的产品知识,致力于品牌推广,并且超越市场限制的销售推广。这些年来,我們很感激並且欣赏您反复提供高质量水平的销售及市场推广。我们非常满意和开心贵司成为我们在捷克和斯洛伐克市场的合作伙伴。并且我们也期待与贵司保持长久的合作关系。

Berry Fang

Sales Manager,

Aputure Imaging Industries Co. Ltd, Shenzhen, China 查看全文

A team full of dynamics that carries out its aims with a good humour, high professionalism, exceptional collaboration and creativity. Agora was acting as an extension to Microsoft, having full understanding of and respect for our brand guidelines and processes, with the same dedication and commitment as if they were the brand owners!

Carmen Kanelaki

Senior Marketing Manager Mobile Devices CEE,

Microsoft 查看全文

We are glad to cooperate with professional distribution company AGORA DMT. We started in 2013 with them as the official and exclusive distributor of Vanguard products in the Czech Republic and Slovakian Markets.

Thanks to their large experience, professional organization and Marketing efforts we experienced a strong Brand building work. AGORA DMT managed to establish VANGUARD Brand in a recognized position into the different markets we are targeting: Photo/video, Outdoor and Hunting markets.

François Niederlender

EMEA Sales Manager,

Vanguard 查看全文

We started our cooperation with Agora in 2008 when they became the official distributor of Samsung mobile phones. In a short period of time, they did a great job, whether it was related to covering sales channels, achieving common goals or planning activities to promote sales. The same model of collaboration proved effective later when original Samsung accessories entered the Czech market and Agora played an important role in the process again. Agora´s success is driven by a skilled team, enthusiasm for doing business, many years of experience, and extensive market knowledge.

Lubomír Pitra

Key Account Manager TN,

Samsung 查看全文

I have worked with Agora as Nokia Account Manager for more than two years and it was incredibly effective, professional and full of trust journey. Agora’s team showed a lot of excitement and commitment to our brand by not only being creative but also extremely fast in execution of all ideas and projects. They are responsible team where each team member knows their roles and is committed to results.

Marcin Reichman

Czech Independent Distribution Account Manager,

Nokia 查看全文