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We aim to be our clients'

most valuable partner in the local market.


AGORA DMT is a Czech company with paid-up capital of 220,000 EUR. It was founded in 1997 by six shareholders under the name AGORA plus. Together with other companies established by the same owners, Slovak AGORA plus and Czech AGORA plus and AGORA development they form a corporate group, with a total of 70 employees and an overall turnover of 100,648,755 EUR in 2015.

Our Services

Our goal is to provide a supplier who comes to the Czech and Slovak market with all the services they might need while their product is present in the market. Detailed preparation involving market research, feasibility analysis, allocation of human and material resources as well as a business plan which contains all the essential elements of marketing mix necessarily precede the market entry. Further development requires effective positioning and careful selection of sales channels, determining the best pricing and logistics strategies as well as other tasks, including customer and warranty services or pre-sales and after-sales services. In addition, we create an online store for the supplier and provide merchandising solutions which ensure brand visibility in the market, measurable results and customer feedback.

Once the brand's desired position is achieved, the supplier may take over the market management or we may continue in providing sales representation as long as needed, even throughout the product, range or brand life cycle.

Based on the type of relationship we establish, we may be compensated for the services we provide through documented costs and set fees, transaction commissions or margins. We can deliver comprehensive services or individual components, depending on the needs of our business partners.

Business Partners

We have cooperated with small businesses as well as large companies who offer a single product or a wide range of goods. We have focused for smarthome products which can made life easy. In our porfolio are brands like Honeywell, Danfoss, Vtech, Neovo, photography equipment by Nikon, Vanguard or Aputure. Some of them we brought to the market, others used our services to consolidate their position or achieve higher inventory turnover in the Czech and Slovak market. We attach equal importance to small and large companies and we put the same effort into their projects.

We cover Czech, and Slovak market with the reach to other EU Countires.